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About Us

How DeepRoots CrossFit was founded…
The gym was started by Joey Vachon and Dave Levesque, longtime friends. They first met while playing pee-wee football at the age of nine and continued to share their love for playing football through high school. During their years of playing varsity football for Somersworth, they took part in a pre-season program at a nearby fitness facility which prepared them for the upcoming football season. During this pre-season preparatory program, Joey and Dave learned the ways of high-intensity, functional exercise and how to Olympic lift.
In 2012, their eagerness to find something similar to what they experienced in High School ultimately landed them in a local CrossFit box. It was here where they really developed a passion for fitness and a love for CrossFit. In October of 2016, they decided that they wanted help change the lives of others the best way they knew how, opening their own CrossFit gym. In February 2017, DeepRoots CrossFit was born.
The gym has grown since then, and new owners Andy Bryant and Dave Cuthbert, along with Joey Vachon, continue the gym’s mission to help people develop their passion for fitness and change lives for the better.
Come meet Andy, Dave C, Joey, Dave L, April and Cat, and all our trainers, crew, and community, we’re here to make you feel at home.  Here at DeepRoots CrossFit we believe that our community is stronger together. 

Want to see what DRCF is really about? Check out this video to learn more!